The Gym at Andrea's

Fully equipped PROFESSIONAL gym with PROFESSIONAL equipment.

Safe, Clean and Managed

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Steel one piece dumbells with weight ranges of 5lb to 45lb

Example Exercises

Chest Routines

  • Bench Press Bench Press (Neutral Grip)
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Incline Bench Press (Neutral Grip) 
  • Decline Bench Press  

Shoulder Routines

  • Lateral Raise 
  • Bent-Over One-Arm Deltoid Raise
  • Seated Side Lateral Raise
  • Bent-Over Rear Deltoid Raise 
  • Rear Deltoid Raise Rear Deltoid Circle

Bicep Routines

  • Alternated Biceps Curl 
  •  Inner-Biceps Curl Biceps Curl 
  •  Hammer Curl 
  •  Seated Alternated Biceps Curl 
  •  Seated Biceps Curl  

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